Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LTE: Voters Will Show They Want Reform

I found this letter to the editor in a newspaper from Wisconsin and I agree 100% with its message:

I am wondering why it takes former politicians to make statements of concern to get politicians to start thinking about ethics reform. Is not the common citizen's concern for corruption and scandal good enough for action? I really think our politicians running for various offices are going to be surprised at the outcomes because they're assuming we overlook their behavior.

Elections are the best tool the average citizen has to express negative attitudes toward neglect, arrogance, ignorance and self-serving agendas. Voting expresses many hidden agendas of the common citizen too, Mr. Politician!

The author of the letter is correct, elections are the best to express their dissatisfaction on any given issue.

This year I think there will be many issues voters will have on their mind that they are unhappy about. Ethics reform will be right there at the top of many voters' list.

For some time now, people have been trying to tell John Boehner and the do nothing Republican Congress that they were fed up with their scandals and corruption. However, they have no listened one bit. There has been no meaningful ethics reform come out of Washington.

I guess they will have to learn the hard way as the author of this letter suggests.