Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reaction To Congressman Ford's New Ad

Congressman Ford's new ads have hit the airwaves and some initial reaction is starting to pop up on the blogosphere.

Kleinheider over at Volunteer Voters had the following to say about Ford's new immigration ad:

I was listening to the Steve Gill this morning and I heard the beginning a very strong anti-immigration political advertisement that was quite intriguing. I didn't recognize the voice immediately but I knew it wasn't any of the Republicans running for U.S. Senate. I thought it might be someone running for Congress or something but I couldn't imagine who.

Then Harold Ford identified himself.

I can't recall the substance of the ad but it was extremely hardcore. Very strong on employer sanctions. Unequivocally anti-immigration.

This ad, ran on the Steve Gill show of all things, strikes me as a warning shot. Harold Ford is not only refusing to cede the center -- he refuses to cede the Right.

I have to admire this strategy. Harold Ford is striking deep into enemy territory. Ford is smart politician. He has no primary competition. There is a place for liberal and progressive voters to go in the General but Ford is confident they won't go there.

The Left is hungry for a big win in Tennessee. Electing a black Senator from Tennessee will be viewed as a win for liberals. No matter what he stands for and no matter what he runs on. Ford has a tremendous amount of leeway to run to the right and not lose his base.

Harold Ford is clearly prepared to test the slack he will be no doubt given. Will his right-wing campaign pull the rope so taut it breaks or will that score be left to settle another day -- after November? I suspect the latter but we shall see.

Kleinheider is correct: Harold Ford Jr. is cedeing no voters in this race. He is running for the United States Senate to represent everyone, not just a few. And that is the way it should be.

Harold Ford Jr. will make all Tennesseans proud as their U.S. Senator.