Friday, April 28, 2006

Congressional Quarterly Calls Ford "Top-Tier" Candidate

The highly respected, non-partisan Congressional Quarterly has joined the growing list of political pundits and experts who all say that Congressman Harold Ford Jr. a top notch candidate.

In an April 22nd article, CQ talks about the top Democratic Senate candidates in the nation:

"Along with Pennsylvania's Casey, top-tier Democratic Senate recruits include Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. in Tennessee, where Majority Leader Bill Frist is retiring; Rep. Sherrod Brown to face two-term GOP incumbent Mike DeWine in Ohio; and state Auditor Claire McCaskill, who only narrowly lost the Missouri governorship in 2004, to challenge Republican Jim Talent's bid for a second term."

While we have a 'top-tier' candidate, the Republicans have a group of failepoliticiansns. (Bryant lost Senate race in 2002, Hilleary lost Gubernatorial race in 2002, and Corker lost Senate race in 1994)

The contrast could not be greater. Tennessee deserves a top-tier, winning type of Senator.

Harold Ford Jr. is just the right man for the job!