Friday, April 28, 2006

Van Hilleary Gets Caught In Huge Lie

I believe Van Hilleary has officially lost it.

Yesterday, the Chattanooga Free Times Press reported, "A political action committee affiliated with former U.S. Rep. Van Hilleary, R-Tenn., brought in only $100 through March 31, according to Federal Election Commission documents.

The PAC was set up in the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandal to raise and donate money for charity.

Treasurer J. Sam Daniels, who made the $100 donation, said in an e-mail Wednesday that the Tennessee Leadership PAC now has raised $7,600 and sent a contribution to the American Indian College Fund."

"Nicole Adams, spokeswoman for the American Indian College Fund, said the group has not received any contribution from Tennessee Leadership PAC."

So what we have here is Van and his campaign lying and saying they have donated money to the American Indian College Fund, when in fact the AICF has not received one dime from them.

What is wrong with Van? I really believe the guy has lost it.

We all know he has a long record of lying, but come on! Did he not think that the AICF would rebuke this out and about lie?

This is yet another example of why Van Hilleary can't be trust and shouldn't be our next U.S. Senator.