Wednesday, January 11, 2006 Reports On Ford Meet and Greet

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"Ford discussed myriad topics in his speech and during the Q&A session. He disclosed to the crowd that his campaign brought in over a million dollars this quarter, besting all three of his GOP opponents. He also mentioned Bill Clinton’s fundraising efforts on his behalf in New York. Beyond fundraising, Ford made several appeals towards bipartisanship, stressing that certain issues, problems, and solutions were neither Republican or Democratic, a bright move for a Democrat in a Republican leaning state.

Ford was asked about energy independence, education, the bankruptcy reform bill, and the President’s eavesdropping program.

Ford’s strategy for bringing the US closer to energy independence calls for tax cuts for automakers who produce hybrid vehicles and other high gas mileage autos, economic incentives for ethanol and other farm-based fuels, offshore natural gas exploration and drilling, and the creation of a Department of New Energy Sources with a limited life span of 5 years. On education, Ford touched on the Aspire Act, legislation that will give each new born $500 in a savings account to be used on college tuition that can be added to and will grow over time. Ford is also a proponent of vouchers. He believes that the Federal Government should provide each student with a voucher equivalent to the cost of tuition of the most expensive private school in a student’s city or town. "

"I asked Ford why he voted for the bankruptcy bill, noting that the bill did not make any exception for health care costs. While he conceded that health care costs are the primary reason for bankruptcy, he said bankruptcy reform and health care costs were two seperate issues. However, by his own admission, they are inherently related and arguably intertwined."

"And finally Ford was asked about eavesdropping and Bush’s circumvention of FISA. The question that was ultimately posed was “should Bush be impeached?” Ford gave a carefully worded answer: “Let the facts fall where they may, and we shall see.”

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