Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Corker To Hobnob With Old Sundquist Pals At Out of State Fundraiser Tuesday

Tomorrow, while his fellow GOP candidates for the U.S. Senate are debating the issues in Memphis, Bob Corker will be in Washington D.C. attending a fundraiser hosted by an old Sundquist buddy.

Charley Poe, who now is a lobbyist for Eastman Chemical Company, and served as one of Former Governor Don Sundquist's point men during the income tax debate, is one of the hosts of the fundraiser that Corker will be attending in D.C.

Interestingly enough, Charley Poe's wife is Alexia Poe, who was Don Sundquist's press secretary during income tax debate.

However, should we be surprised in the least that Corker will be partying in D.C. with his old Sundquist pals while skipping a debate in Tennessee?

Not really. Corker's loyalty to Sundquist is deep.

Corker and Sundquist have been tight ever since Bob's days as Finance Commissioner in the Sundquist Administration.

Furthermore, in an extreme show of support for Corker, Sundquist donated a huge chunk of change to Bob's U.S. Senate campaign.

The following article ran 2005 in the Lebanon Democrat:

"Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker has raised $2 million in his bid for Tennessee U.S. Senate seat in 2006, but a $2,000 contribution from former governor and Republican Party lightning rod Don Sundquist has given his primary opposition room to nip at his heels.

A Federal Election Commission disclosure of Corker¹s fund-raising in 2006 includes a Dec. 10, 2004 contribution of $2,000 from the former governor. Sundquist was ostracized by most of the Tennessee Republican Party toward the tail end of his term for advocating a state income tax. Though retired and seemingly inactive on the GOP political scene, Sundquist remains a divisive figure in the state GOP.

The phrase 'Sundquist Republican' has become a popular refrain in state-level races in Tennessee by Democrats looking to steal the tax issue from Republican candidates. Corker served in the first Sundquist term as the Commissioner of Finance, but left before Sundquist won re-election in 1998 on an anti-income tax platform and then did an about-face on the issue in his second term.

Corker would not speak Sundquist¹s name when asked about the contribution by The Lebanon Democrat, but said simply his campaign was enjoying 'broad-based support.' "We have received broad-based support from people with all kinds of backgrounds," Corker said Thursday. "We are pleased with all of that support."

Do we really want our next U.S. Senator to be so close with our state's most disgraced Governor?

I think not.

Corker's Hypocrisy: As mentioned above, Bob Corker will be attending a fundraiser Tuesday in Washington D.C.

Call me crazy, but is this not what he has repeatedly criticized Congressman Ford Ford? Out of state fundraising?

Lets have a look:

"The latest skirmish" in the race is a release from '94 candidate/ex-Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker (R), who called attention to the amount raised out of state by Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-09). In the first 9 months of '05, 42% of Ford's donations from individuals came from out of state, compared with 5% of Corker's, according to Political Money Line."

Memphis Commercial Appeal, 12/17/05

"Corker's release noted that Ford raised $300,000 Monday at a Manhattan event attended by former president Bill Clinton and other luminaries. Corker's campaign contrasted that with an event Corker hosted in Chattanooga that raised $200,000. Corker is the former mayor of Chattanooga. "The percentage of money (Corker has raised) from out of state illustrates that our campaign is supported by Tennesseans," said Ben Mitchell, Corker's campaign manager. "Clearly, Ford needs to go out of state.""

Memphis Commercial Appeal, 12/17/05

"Mr. Corker, who spoke to a Republican group in Nashville on Tuesday, declined to do either that or set a percentage cap on the amount of out-of-state money his campaign will accept. Mr. Mitchell said the point is that the Corker campaign "never would be so dependent on out-of-state donors."

Chattanooga Times Free Press 01/04/06

Wow...looks like Corker is talking out both sides of his mouth again.

He bashes Congressman Ford for his out of state fundraising, yet he is skipping a Senate debate in Tennessee to attend a fundraiser in Washington D.C.?

Can you say hypocrisy?

We need a U.S. Senator with convictions.

Clearly, Bob Corker does not fit that description.

Question to Corker: Will you give back the money you raise in Washington D.C. Tuesday to avoid being called a hypocrite?