Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ford Introduces Legislation to Provide College Tuition f or Students Who Serve

WASHINGTON - Congressman Harold Ford today announced the introduction of legislation that provides federal tuition assistance for college students who are willing to serve their country after graduation. The bill, which is called the Service for School Act of 2005, would pay up to four years of tuition for any student in America in exchange for that student's commitment to participate in a national service program. In a statement, Ford said:

"All students in Tennessee and America willing to give back to their communities should be able to attend the college or university of their choice. This bill will help accomplish that goal by giving much-needed federal tuition assistance to students who serve after graduation, whether in the active military, National Guard and reserves, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Citizen Corps or USA Freedom Corps.

"National service has never been more important or been ready to play a more important role than it is today. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the attacks of 9/11 showed us the kind of devastation that is possible from both natural and man-made causes. The Service for School Act will help harness the tremendous civic pride and volunteerism of our students, while helping to educate them to take on the challenges of tomorrow."

For every year of tuition assistance they receive under the Service for School Act, students would be required to serve a year of full-time service or two years of part-time service. The amount of financial aid available to students each year equals the national average tuition at public colleges and universities.