Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ford's Support In East Tennessee Showing

The following piece is from today's Knoxville News Sentinel letters to the editor page. It is just another example of how Congressman Ford is winning support everywhere. This time in East Tennessee.

Would somebody please help me to understand Republicans?

In an article Nov. 25, Bob Corker's campaign for the Senate was attacked by Van Hilleary's campaign as being supportive of ultra-liberal causes because Corker was pragmatic enough to realize that having the Black Caucus' Legislative Retreat in Chattanooga was well worth that city's modest $5,000 investment.

No wonder Hilleary lost to Phil Bredesen. He just doesn't see the big picture. Any time any mayor can get 1,500 people to his city to spend money, that is just good politics. But Hilleary would rather smear Corker with some bogus liberal label, not to mention the implied racism of his comments. And he wonders why there are no Republicans in the Black Caucus.

I will eagerly look forward to Hilleary's defeat in next year's primary, so he may finally fade from Tennessee politics, and to Harold Ford's election in the fall.