Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Hotline Reports On The Ford Campaign

The Penndit blog has a report from the Hotline regarding Congressman Ford's campaign:

Senate: Open Seat (R)

* Hotline excerpt: “Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-09), in an open letter to '02 candidate/ex-Rep. Ed Bryant (R), said he "was surprised" to hear Bryant call 2 House budget votes "two small steps in the right direction." Ford: "Nothing could be farther from the truth" because the votes slash "important programs for seniors, nurses, business owners, students and working families" and give "tax breaks to millionaires." Ford attacked Bryant and Hilleary for voting against the '97 Balanced Budget Act, and said, "In my nine years in Congress, I have never voted for a budget that was unbalanced" (12/7).”

* Hotline excerpt: “Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-09) "brought his messages" of a balanced-budget amendment and reduced dependence on foreign oil to Dyersburg 12/6-12/7, speaking at the city's high school and scheduling meetings with farmers, Caterpillar plant workers, and others.”

* Dems: Harold Ford, Jr. for Senate (official), Rosalind Kurita
* Harold Ford Jr. for US Senate 2006 Unofficial blog.