Monday, September 19, 2005

"They Can't Handle The Truth"

It now appears that the right wing attack blog, Blogging For Bryant, is censoring Ford supporters by deleting posts they deem annoying of off topic. Specifically if you question Ed Bryant in any way or try to talk about real issues instead of their tired attacks, your comments will be deleted.

Just today, Jay Bush, the head Bryant blogger, has deleted a handful of posts by Ford supporters that question Ed Bryant and fellow Republican candidates views on important issues such as the funding for reconstruction in the gulf. He has also deleted several comments made by Ford supporters that were in reply to their latest misleading attack on Congressman Ford.

These latest actions taken by Bush (Blogging For Bryant) appear to be contradictory of comments he made in July in response to specific rules I had put forth regarding posting when our blog first started. Back then he bashed me for supposedly deleting posts that were in opposition to Congressman Ford. (To my memory, I have never deleted any comments on the blog except duplicate posts, posts with vulgarity, or posts that just cross the line in crudeness)

Yet now when Ford supporters are calling him to task on the posts he makes and asking important issues about his candidate, he deletes them? Sounds like a flip flop to me. When called out on his hypocrisy, Bush said the following, "If that's hypocritical, fine. As far as I'm concerned, most of your comments are just annoying spam."

Basically, you either are with them or you are not heard.

It becomes more clear everyday by their words and actions that the right wing is running a deficit in the area of ideas and innovation. They simply have no regard for the real issues in this campaign and are afraid of the truth so they resort to attacks, lies, and gossip.

The only candidate thus far that has demonstrated that he is willing to take on the tough issues and work towards real solutions during this campaign is Harold Ford Jr.

Simply put, he has shown the leadership worthy of a U.S. Senator while his opponents have failed.