Monday, September 19, 2005

Ford Questions Reconstruction Funding For The Gulf

Once again Congressman Harold Ford Jr. is tackling the tough issues of the day. While the other canddiates are silent on the real issues that face Tennessee and our nation, Harold Ford Jr. is seeking real solutions for real problems.

From day one, Congressman Ford has been active in seeking help for those who were displaced by the hurricane and putting forth initiatives to enhance the relief efforts. On the other hand, his opponents have did nothing except issue attack after attack against him. For three weeks now Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and Bob Corker have said or done nothing in regards to the dire situation in the gulf.

They have said nothing in regards to the response from FEMA. Does that mean they support the job Michael Brown and company did in the immediate aftermath of the storm? They have said nothing about the no bid contracts that are being awarded to President Bush's associates for the rebuilding of New Orleans. Does that mean they support this kind of cronyism within our government? They have said nothing about where we will get the funding for the reconstruction for the gulf. Does that mean they support running up our record federal budget deficit even more instead of making fiscally responsible decisions?

These are issues and questions that need to be addressed. However, up until now, we have heard nothing from the other side of the aisle. Zilch.

Their silence on key issues such as this speaks volumes. The truth of the matter is they have no new ideas or proposals to put forth in this race. The only candidate that has demonstrated the leadership worthy of a U.S. Senator is Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and that is why he will win come next November.

Below are some excerpts of a story regarding the funding of the reconstruction on the gulf areas hit by Hurricane Katrina and comments from Congressman Ford:

Raising taxes is not part of the president's plan to pay for the massive cost of rebuilding the gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina.

"The work that has begun in the Gulf region will be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen," the President said Thursday in New Orleans.

President Bush says the government must cut unnecessary spending, but this week when he pledged to foot most of the bill for reconstruction, many said he didn't explain how the country will cover the cost.

"I don't know where he plans to find all these cuts in the federal budget," said Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., Saturday in Memphis.

Ford criticized the Bush plan, questioning the administration's ability to protect US citizens from any type of disaster.

"There's been enormous focus on homeland security and the department itself and its first real test...not only did it fail, but it continues to fail miserably," said Ford.

Source: WMCTV