Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We Deserve The Truth, Bob

I like many Tennesseans are growing tired of Bob Corker's relentless attacks and lies on Congressman Ford.

Instead of thinking up new attacks he can unleash on Congressman Ford, Bob should check himself and tell Tennesseans the truth about Congressman Ford and his record as well as his own record.

Below are just a handful of big issues that I feel Bob should come clean to Tennesseans about:

First, Bob needs tell Tennessee voters what he is hiding. Is there something in those tax returns he refuses to release? Or is there something in his emails from when he served as Mayor that recently went missing, that he says he knows nothing about?

Second, Bob needs to stop lying about Congressman Ford's record on defense. Bob may not remember, (or may not want to remember) but it was Congressman Ford who helped cease the selling of our nation's ports by the President to the United Arab Emirates earlier this year. During that time, Bob couldn't decide which side of the issue he was on. Initially, he was opposed to the deal. He later flip flopped and supported the deal after President Bush assured him it was okay. And recently he has flipped back after reading public opinion polls.

Bob also needs to remember that Congressman Ford voted for the toughest anti-illegal immigration bill in the Congress. That is a stark contrast to Bob who hired illegal immigrants to work for him when he was making millions in the construction industry.

Third, Bob needs to explain how he mismanaged the 911 emergency call center in Chattanooga so badly as Mayor. Thus far all Bob has done is call the charges lies and blamed the problems on the City's police chief. However, the record clearly shows that Bob was repeatedly asked by officials to hire more emergency operators and policemen. But he refused as he had to use the money elsewhere, like giving himself a raise.

Now that the issue has resurfaced during the Senate campaign, Bob's only answer is to pass the buck and blame everyone but himself. That's not real leadership. A real leader takes responsibility and fixes things that are wrong. Bob didn't and the people of Chattanooga payed for it.

Finally, Bob needs to explain what he finds so enticing about Big Oil. He loves their money. So much so in fact, that he has gotten tens of thousands of it. The Big Oil lobbyists call him their advocate. Tennesseans don't need anymore of that. Bob and and his boy Jimmy Haslam already have enough money. It it time us middle class folks get some tax breaks.

Clearly, Bob Corker is not a truthful and upfront man. However, the time has come for Bob to come clean and tell Tennesseans the truth about all of the things listed above.

We deserve to know.