Tuesday, September 19, 2006

UTK Students File Petition To Have Corker Debate Ford In Knoxville

Kudos to the UTK College Democrats for taking action and demanding Bob Corker debate Congressman Ford in Knoxville this fall.

The UTK Democrats report on their effort:

"After the dust settled down a bit, Caitlin Elledge, the President of the College Democrats, approached the Congressman to see if he would sign up for a debate with Corker, to be held here in Knoxville. He smiled and said he would debate him anytime and anywhere, and then put his approval on the idea by signing the petition himself. The College Democrats are working hard to make this debate happen. Before going over to the Corker Camp, Nick Bishop spoke with the WATE 6 crew about the petition. They asked to be updated on the results. The College Democrats collected well over 1000 signatures on the petition which requests Corker debate Ford here in Knoxville. If Corker is such a great candidate, why wouldn’t the GOP want to see him debate Ford in Knoxville? Up until now, Corker has refused to do just that. Would the College Dem’s petition make a difference? Would Corker respond to these 1000 + voters who would like to see him debate Ford?" "After gathering the troops, the UTK Democrats, marching as Students for Ford, paraded over to Bob Corker’s tailgate party. As we walked, passerbies were asking for stickers and to meet Ford. We let them know that our candidate is accessible to everyone and pointed to the Ford tailgate." "When the group of students arrived at the Corker tailgate, we suddenly realized that Corker isn’t really a tailgater. Heck, there were hardly any people there, unless they were hiding away in their SUV’s. Nick Bishop and Caitlin Elledge asked around to find a representative from the campaign, and amazingly there didn’t seem to be one; at least not one who would speak with them." Oh, way to be a real man Bob. Not only are you hiding from Congressman Ford, but now you are hiding from college students?

Good lord.

Once again, if Bob can't stand up to Harold Ford Jr. or college students, how in the world can we expect him to stand up to people like Osama Bin Laden?

Give the people of Knoxville what they want and debate Congressman Ford!

Sign the petition here!