Friday, September 15, 2006

Hooray! Bush Is Coming Back To Stump For Corker

Praise The Lord, President Bush Is Coming Back To Stump For Corker!

The good news for Congressman Ford and his campaign just keep rolling in.

Only a few days ago Ford got the good news that the new Survey USA poll showed him leading Bob Corker by 3 points. And now we have learned that Bob Corker is going to have his good friend President George W. Bush, whose approval rating is below 40% in Tennessee, come back and stump for him within the next month or so.

Personally, I could not be happier. This will once again show everyone what Bob Corker is: a rubber stamp for President Bush. It will also show Tennesseans what he represents: more of the same.

Tennesseans knows we need a change. That is why Congressman Ford is leading in this race.

So in conclusion, bring him on. Bring him back 5-10 more times if you want. The more times the better.

Let everyone see The Fraud and The Failure together.