Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ford Campaign Launches New Campaign Ad Focusing On Bob Corker's Lavish Lifestyle and Record On Crime

The Ford for Tennessee campaign today launched a new 30-second television ad focusing on Bob Corker’s taking three pay raises as mayor while freezing the pay of firefighters and police. Spoofing Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, the ad is entitled “That’s Cold.”

The spot is airing in all Tennessee media markets on broadcast and cable. It is a response to Corker’s false attacks calling Congressman Ford soft on crime.

An announcer says, “Bob Corker lives in a 30-room mansion, is worth over $200 million and owns six SUVs.

“As mayor he took three pay increases . . . while freezing the pay of Chattanooga’s police and firefighters.

“He’s got a 30-room mansion. He’s worth over $200 million. Took three pay raises for himself.

“And yet nothing for police and firefighters.

“As Senator, who do you think he’ll look out for?”

Watch the new ad here!