Monday, September 18, 2006

Corker Blog Lies About Analysis

Late last week, Blogging for Corker intentionally mislead their readers when they suggested that called Corker's latest attack ad on Congressman Ford "correct".'s analysis of the ad said no such thing. Not even close.

In fact, the title of their analysis was Context Goes AWOL in Tennessee.

Now can someone please tell me how that translates to them calling the ad "correct"? Seems more like a condemnation of the ad to me.

Further, write:

"Corker ad omits relevant facts in attacking Ford's record on national security."

"Since 9/11, Ford has supported rapid increases in defense spending for the war and national security, voting, for example, in favor of the fiscal 2006 defense spending bill as well as the 2003 emergency supplemental funding bill."

"However it fails to mention Ford voted in favor of a compromise essential to the PATRIOT Act's reauthorization and that the vote he cast to cut defense spending came well before 9/11 and the war on terror."

As you can see, the truth is never called Corker's attack on Harold Ford Jr. "correct". In fact, it did the opposite. It proved that Corker lied about Ford's record.

When will all this lying stop from Bob Corker and his campaign. Tennesseans deserve better.

Have a little class about yourself, Bob and company.