Friday, September 01, 2006

Bush Agrees With Ford: Tennessee Farms Hold Key To Energy Future

For weeks now, the Corker campaign has bashed Congressman Ford's television ad that touted Tennessee's farms as the key to America's energy future.

Boy do they look like fools now. Why? Because in President Bush's speech this week in Nashville in support of Bob Corker, Bush echoed Ford's message that Tennessee's farms will be the answer to our energy crisis.

Bush said:

"We have got to use technologies to make us less dependent on energy from unstable parts of the world. It's in our economic interests, andit's in our national security interests. And there's some exciting technologies coming along. One of these days you'll be able to drive the first 40 miles in your car -- and it won't look like a golf cart-- using a new battery. We'll be using Tennessee crops to power our automobiles."

Sound familiar?

Compare that to what Congressman Ford said in his ad:

"I'm Harold Ford JR. and for too long all the tax breaks have gone to big oil when this is our ticket to energy freedom.

"Let's stop giving billions to oil companies making billions . . . so we don't have to cozy up to those with the oil.

"We need a new generation of leaders who know that solving the energy crisis won't happen half-a-world away. but will right here on our farms, using our technology. And that's why I approved this message."

It is if Bush was reading off Congressman Ford's script.

This proves that Bob Corker is even more out of touch with reality than President Bush is.

And that my friend is really scary.