Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bob Corker Pulls A Richard Nixon

Looks like Bob has once again fired up the old paper shredder to cover his old tracks.

The following blurb is from the Hotline:

Can't Touch This Guy's Records

State officials say they can't find about six months' worth of letters that Corker wrote and received when he was state finance commis. in '96. The records turned up missing when a reporter asked to see Corker's correspondence during his tenure as finance commis. State Dept of Finance and Admin. spokesperson Lola Potter: "Someone checked those out in the year 2001 and did not bring them back. We've been trying to track down those documents."

This is "the second time in recent weeks" that records involving Corker "have turned up missing." In 7/06, officials said e-mails Corker wrote as mayor from '01 to '05 were missing and possibly stolen. The missing '96 files include correspondence on TennCare Partners, a "major initiative Corker helped create to provide mental health services to poor and uninsured" TNans. The program "met wide praise yet grew controversial because of costs and other concerns."

Powell: "It's not surprising that Mr. Corker left little or no record of the time he served in public office. He won't even release his tax returns." Mitchell: "This race is between a conservative Tennessee doer and a liberal Washington talker. That's why the Ford campaign continues to flail about trying to find documents to disqualify Bob Corker. But unfortunately for Congressman Ford, those documents just don't exist" (Perrusquia, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 9/9).

Does anyone just think these emails and letters just coincidentially came up missing? Come on!

What lengths is Bob Corker willing to go to in order to keep the truth about his record from being exposed?

Does anyone know?