Monday, August 14, 2006

Where Does Bob Corker Stand On Foreign Policy?

Does anyone know? I sure don't. And it seems no one else does.

Last Friday on the Ford Report, I pointed out Big Oil Bob's official position on Iraq: he doesn't think it is an issue. (I am serious, click the link to read his quote) That is kind of scary if you know what I mean.

However, outside of Iraq, no one knows any of Bob's stances on foreign policy.

As A.C. Kleinheider at Volunteer Voters pointed out Friday:

How does someone get through a Republican primary for the US Senate in this day and age with out talking long and hard about foreign policy. Seriously. I mean I look long and hard on these things and I can't tell you exactly where Corker is on foreign affairs. Can you?

The way I see it, the guy isn't saying anything about foreign policy because he is clueless. He was Don Sundquist's financial commissioner and then Mayor of Chattanooga. Absolutely no foreign policy experience whatsoever. (However, since we are talking about protecting our nation, lets not forget Bob's failed record on emergency responsiveness)

Personally, I want my next U.S. Senator to have a good idea of what is going on in the world and not have to have on the job training when it comes to foreign policy.

Harold Ford Jr. knows what it takes to defend this nation and will do so at any cost. He has the experience, knowledge and know how to deal with the tough situations both in United States and abroad.

He has a plan for success in Iraq (he has visited the country 4 times already), he is on top of the situation in Afghanistan, he believes we should work hard to repair world relations, he wants to secure our nation's borders and ports, and understands the best investment we can have in the area of foreign policy is to make our nation energy independent in the next 10 years.

Put simply: Ford is proven when it comes to foreign policy and securing our nation. Bob Corker on the other hand is clueless. His public statements along with his lack of interest shows us that.

This fall, lets not gamble with our nation's security. No more on the job training for those who make major decisions about our safety.

The choice is clear.

More: Last month, Bob Corker had some unusual comments about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Apparently, Big Oil Bob thinks the election of the terrorist organization is a good thing!

The Flyer reported, "Corker and the rabbi seemed to mesh gears perfectly as they discussed issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even concurring that the victory of the militant organization Hamas in recent Palestinian elections might turn out to have positive results. "Now they will have to learn to govern," the rabbi said, and Corker nodded in agreement."

Like I said folks, vote smart this fall.

11 Days

Days of Big Oil Bob Ducking Harold Ford Jr.'s Debate Challenge

Above is the number of days that have passed since Congressman Harold Ford Jr. issued a debate challenge to Bob Corker.

As Congressman Ford said, "Voters want and deserve these debates. The deserve to know how we would lower taxes on the middle class, what we would do to improve our national security interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea, how we would lower health care costs on families and small business and how we would make America more economically competitive."

How much longer will Bob duck Congressman Ford's challenge?

4 Days

Days of Bob the Fraud Dodging the Release of His Tax Returns

Above is the number of days that have passed since the Ford campaign called on Bob Corker to fully release all of his tax return records.

Ford Senior Advisor Michael Powell said it best: "Harold Ford Jr. trusts Tennessee voters. He believes when you run for public office, you have an obligation to fully disclose and be as transparent as possible about your personal finances. Public servants must be beyond reproach.

"In the interest of full disclosure and being open and honest with Tennesseans, I strongly urge Mr. Corker to do as Harold Ford and Senators Thompson, Frist and Sasser have done and release his taxes with all schedules."

What does Bob Corker have to hide? Why will he not release his tax returns for voters to see?