Friday, August 18, 2006

Professor Oppenheimer Agrees, Corker Not Talking About Issues

Yesterday, the Nashville City Paper had a good article looking at whether President Bush's visit this month will help or hurt Bob Corker.

Below are some excerpts:

“It would be nice if you were Corker and you could sneak the president in under cover of darkness and then raise the money and then say, ‘I’m my own man.’ But that’s harder to do,” Oppenheimer said. “He’s going to come in on Air Force One, not a stealth bomber.”
Corker will face Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. (D-Memphis) in November. Ford hosted Clinton on Aug. 3, the night of the primary, for a fund-raiser that took in about $1 million.

Oppenheimer said Corker would probably differentiate himself with the president on certain issues to help him politically.

What issues those are remain to be seen, he said.

The Republican primary was very limited in its issue content,” Oppenheimer said. “And clearly, the Ford campaign is going to be raising those sorts of questions. Do you support X, Y and Z?”

Professor Oppenhiemer is 100% correct. Those issues remain to be seen.

Thus far in this race, Bob Corker has yet to tell Tennesseans where he stands on almost any issue. Whether it be the war in Iraq, the war on terror, energy independence, health care, education, etc., Bob has said nothing.

Instead, he hides behind his decieving television ads that attack his opponents and lie about his own record. He is all platitudes, no substance.

In my experience, when someone does not want to talk about something, is because they are afraid to. And clearly Bob is afraid to talk about the issues. Why else would he continue to dodge debate with Congressman Ford. (No surprise as he did the same thing in the primary)

Bob Corker knows Harold Ford Jr. is right on the issues, and he is hoping that his attacks and television ads are enough to put him over the top this November.

However, I hate to tell Bob that is not going to be the case. People want answers, not lies and attacks. They want answers to these rising gas prices, to the rising cost of college tuition, to the outrageous costs of health care, to the situation in Iraq, and to many more pressing issues.

Harold Ford Jr. has ran a race strictly on the issues. He understands that people are hungry for real leadership.

The differnce between Bob Corker and Harold Ford Jr. could not be greater. Congressman Ford represents change, while Bob Corker represents more of the same.

The choice is clear.