Thursday, August 10, 2006

The National Journal Reports On The Ford Campaign's Cutting Edge Technology

The Ford campaign is making history in more than one way here in Tennessee this year. As the National Journal reports, the campaign is using the advent of the text message to stay in touch with campaign supporters: reports that new political mobile firm MobileElect is doing SMS for Harold Ford's Senate campaign, which according to Ford's Web site, plans to send out at least one text message a day with campaign news. Seem like a little much? Blogger Justin Oberman agrees Mobile Accord is using SMS the best way it can in the given circumstances: frequent reminders of a "call to action" to a campaign's core supporters.

I must say, that is really cool. Not only do we have best candidate in the nation, we have the best campaign in the nation!

Keep up the great work Ford Inc!

Sign up for the Ford campaign's text messages here!