Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ford Kicks Off Victory Tour

On Wednesday, Congressman Ford kicked off his statewide victory tour.

The Tennessean reports, "U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. kicked off a 15-county bus tour today to launch his post-primary bid for Senate against Republican Bob Corker.

Speaking this morning to a rally with more than 200 supporters at Madison County Democratic headquarters, Ford called for a series of debates with the former Chattanooga mayor.

"Let's drop the ads, the negative campaigning and all the press aides. Let's just go one-on-one and let people know where we stand on all the issues," said Ford, a Memphis Democrat who had nominal opposition in the Aug. 3 primary.

Ford said that he wasn't espousing a total drop of advertising or media play. "You've got to have that, too."

Asked what was the key between now and November, "was doing as many of these things as possible. This time of year you can't touch enough voters."

Make sure you catch Congressman Ford when he comes to your city! View the tour schedule here!