Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Letter To The Editor: Ford Represents Values Her Parents Believed In

The following letter to the editor comes from the The Leaf Chronicle, a Clarksville newspaper:

For years, I have followed the career of Congressman Harold Ford Jr. I, a retiree, have learned to respect his intelligence, common sense and character. He has represented Tennessee well.

I learned values from my parents: Have faith, work hard and help others. They believed that America was the land of opportunity and would remain strong because of its working people.

This year is not what they envisioned. Our country is too great and our people too smart and strong to allow for its present state.

The deficit and government have grown much bigger than eight years ago. Bureaucracy is failing, as in immediate disaster relief and continued support. Health costs are a disgrace. Social Security is being compromised. Job opportunities and family farms are dwindling. When terrorists struck our soil, the response was commendable, but the decisions made since have led down wrong paths, further entangling us in an unstable area and draining our economy, world respect and strong military. Finally, many leaders get elected on the backs of faithful working people, only to help the rich bank more money.

We have the opportunity to unite behind the respected Harold Ford Jr. to be our U.S. senator. Not always agreeing with his votes, I have always respected his research, thought, effort and judgment. He not only listens to people but works for them. Harold Ford can help us work to use our technology to bring energy production back to our own soil, growing our economy, balancing our budgets, while keeping us safe and free.

While recently hearing him speak at the Machinist Hall, the thunder rolled, and I took it as a sign my parents, too, were gratefully hearing Harold Ford's dynamic message of opportunities he can help bring to us, our children and our grandchildren.


Clarksville 37043

This is a very good letter to the editor. The author hits the nail right on the head; we cannot continue to go down the current path of failure that we are currently on.

We have a real opportunity this fall to change the way things are going and to charter a new path of success into the 21st Century.

The only candidate offering that change in this race is Harold Ford Jr. He is the only candidate who wants to balance our budget, pass ethics reform, put our nation on a path to energy independence, work to make healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable, invest in education, and once again have a foreign policy that makes sense.

Bob Corker is nothing more than a Bill Frist clone. The last thing we need is another millionaire Senator who will vote against things like the minimum wage that will help everyday working Tennesseans.

Vote for change this fall; vote Ford!