Monday, August 28, 2006

Harold Ford Jr's Statement On Bob Corker's Refusal To Debate Statewide

"Mr. Corker's refusal to agree to statewide televised debates is inexcusable. Once again, when presented with a chance to benefit Tennessee voters or himself, he votes for himself. Frankly, I thought that Mr. Corker would jump at the chance to defend his record as a businessman and Mayor and to articulate a vision for Tennessee and America. Obviously, he's not that proud of his record or his vision nor does he trust voters to decide this race based on the facts and a comparison between the two of us. It is unfortunate that he would rather hide behind his money and his paid staff. That's unfortunate because voters deserve to know our actual positions on illegal immigration, government spending, the Iraq war, the minimum wage and workers' pensions and ways to reduce gas prices. The question is - why and what are you hiding from the voters? Let's give the voters a chance to hear from us. For once in this campaign, choose the voters over yourself. Let's debate," said Ford.


This is unbelievable. Once again, Bob the Fraud is screwing the people of Tennessee by not having these debates televised statewide so everyone in the state has a chance to hear the candidates go one on one talking about the issues.

Congressman Ford accepted every debate invite he received and proposed having 7 televised debates. He has shown he has nothing to hide. He is ready to talk about the issues and talk about ideas that can move our state and nation forward.

What is Bob afraid of?

What else does he have better to do than talk about the issues with Congressman Ford and the voters of Tennessee? He hasn't even hardly campaigned since the primary. I know he is being sued and has to appear in court soon, but that shouldn't take too long. Sealing those court documents like he has been trying to do might take up a little time, but not much. So I don't see where time is any problem.

The voters of Tennessee are going to see right through this. One on hand, you have Congressman Ford who is eager and ready to debate statewide and on the other hand you have Bob who is only agreeing to do a few debates to a limited audience. The difference could not be clearer.

Van Hilleary and Ed Bryant were right when they called Bob a liar, fraud, and a chicken. He has proven himself to be all three already in the general election.

Tennesseans deserve better.