Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ford Stumps In Spring Hill

Congressman Harold Ford Jr. spoke at a democratic rally about the need to become less dependent on foreign oil, an increased minimum wage and more government support for teachers.

“Upgrading our educational system is more important now than ever,” he said to an enthusiastic crowd of about 700 at the hockey rink behind the United Auto Workers Local 1853 building.

Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. chats with Spring Hill High School linebacker Matt Mobley Friday during his visit to Spring Hill High School. Staff photo by Greg Menza

Ford was the main attraction at the rally which also was attended by State Senate candidate Vince Springer, State House of Representatives candidate Guy Derryberry and other party hopefuls.

“You can tell he was serious about his commitment to alternative fuels,” said UAW Chairman Mike Herron. “He drove up to the Welcome Center in an E-35 pickup truck. The E-35s operate on ethanol-based fuels made from corn and soybeans or regular gasoline.”

Earlier in the day, Ford visited the GM Spring Hill Manufacturing Plant where he toured the plant, greeted UAW officials and was interviewed by Central High School students for a segment of the school’s Pride TV programming. Following the tour, Ford took time to visit Spring Hill High School and chat with teachers, guests and the Spring Hill High School football team.

Ford praised Spring Hill football coach Travis McNight, who recently returned from a year of service in Afghanistan.

“Thanks for your courage and your service to our country and this community,” Ford told McNight.

Ford then addressed his comments to the members of Spring Hill’s football team.

“What you will learn on the football field from Coach McNight carries over into your lives off the field,” Ford said. “Honesty, teamwork, discipline and decency should always be a part of your lives. Run as hard and work as hard when people are not looking at you as when they are.”

Source: The Columbia Herald