Thursday, August 24, 2006

Desperate For Good News, Corker Camp Recycles Old News

Yesterday, all of us pro-Ford bloggers got a good laugh on the Blogging for Corker blog.

Early Wednesday morning, Nathan Moore ran the headline "A Big Endorsement Coming Today!". To be honest, I had no clue who could be endorsing Corker, so I was anxious to see who the "big endorsement" was from.

Then around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, Nathan Moore revealed the big news: The National Right to Life had endorsed Bob Corker.

But wait...wasn't this already announced a few weeks back? Hmm.... Yep, it appears so. On August 7th to be exact.

What we have here is the recycling of old news by the Corker camp. How pathetic is that?

But who can blame them? With their candidate slipping in the polls and in the midst of a big scandal, they need some positive news...even if it is recycled.