Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Corker, Bryant, and Hilleary Have No Leg To Stand On When It Comes To Ethics

Yesterday, on Blogging for Bryant, Jay Bush took Bob Corker to task for his corrupt past saying:

"Finally, outside of Chattanooga, the media has ignored Corker's failure to deal with criminal activity occurring right under his nose within Chattanooga government. There is a major corruption scandal going on in Chattanooga and it all started when Corker was Mayor. Former city employees have been indicted for theft and misuse of office, fleecing Chattanooga taxpayers for thousands of dollars. Corker turned a blind eye to this culture of corruption within his own administration. The press has been reminded of this ongoing investigation for 166 straight days, but have not asked Corker any of the tough questions."

While JB may be correct about Corker and his corrupt record, his candidate, Ed Bryant, as well as Van Hilleary, do not have anything to gloat about when it comes to ethical behavior.

JB should remember that it was Ed who has took thousands of dollars from folks like Tom Delay and John Gregory throughout his political career. And lets not forget, Van Hilleary and his financial relationship with Jack Abramoff.

Put simply, none of the three Republican candidates have any high ground when it comes to ethics. In a day and time when we need real leadership on ethics and morals, these guys just do not cut it.

We need someone who will stand up to the likes of John Boehner and his corrupt cohorts in Washington, and will fight for real ethics reform to give people back their say in government.

Harold Ford Jr. is the only candidate that is vowing that he will do that in this race.

In fact, he has made this a central issue of his campaign, putting it in his Covenant with Tennesseans.

It is time we had a U.S. Senator that will make us proud and that will represent our interests, not the special interests.

It's time for a new generation of leadership!