Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Breaking: Rasmussen Poll Shows Ford Cutting Corker's Lead In Half

This is developing news from the Rasmussen Reports polling institute: (News not public yet, members only)

Tennessee: In the race to replace retiring Senator Bill Frist (R), the Republicans finally selected their nominee following a tough primary battle. In our first poll since the primary, Bob Corker (R) now leads Harold Ford, Jr. (D) 48% to 42%. Data and article coming later. A month ago, Corker was ahead 49% to 37%.

This poll once again reaffirms my belief that folks are ready for change here in Tennessee. The more they hear from Harold Ford Jr., the more they like. And the more they hear from Bob Corker, the less they like.

People are tired of attacks, lies and failure; they want real leadership and solutions to problems.

These numbers indicate that.