Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Big Oil Bob Still Stuck On Stupid When It Comes To Foreign Policy

It has nearly been a week since the largest terror plot since 9/11 was foiled in Britain. However, we have yet to hear one peep out of Big Oil Bob Corker regarding the situation and his ideas on what the United States should do to prepare itself the way the UK did. (However, he has managed to pump out several attacks on Congressman Ford during that time)

We know what Congressman Ford thinks we should do to better protect ourselves:

"This weekend we learned that one of the terrorists involved in the plot to commit murder on a massive scale is linked with al Qaeda, but this administration, with the complicity of a Republican Congress, eliminated our nation's only intelligence gathering unit exclusively dedicated to going after al Qaeda and its henchmen. Now is not the time to downgrade our commitment or ability to apprehend or kill Osama Bin Laden or other al Qaeda leaders. We need to re-start this unit immediately. Anything less than a robust, fully funded and focused effort to combat terrorism and those who seek to destroy our way of life is unacceptable.

"Let's figure out how the British foiled the attack and what tools Prime Minister Blair has that President Bush has not had. Congress should then immediately give those to our President. By refocusing our efforts on putting an end to the world's most dangerous gang of terrorists, we can keep our nation safe."

Does Bob not have an opinion on what our government should do to better prepare for situation like this? His silence indicates he doesn't. And given his poor track record on foreign policy and security, that leads me to believe that even more.

As Congressman Ford said Friday, “This is not the time for politics. It is time for leadership and action. The 9/11 Commission gave specific recommendations on how to make this country safe, but leadership in Washington has not followed through. Too much of our critical infrastructure – our ports, our chemical plants, our railways – are susceptible to attack. That is unacceptable."

That is the type of leadership we need in the times we live in.

Apparently, Bob still thinks he is running for Mayor of Chattanooga or that 9/11 never took place, because he is clueless when it comes to foreign policy and security. He needs to understand that he is running for the U.S. Senate: the place where major decisions on foreign policy and our security are made each and every day.

Lets not gamble with our security this fall. Harold Ford Jr. has the experience, knowledge, and will to protect our nation and make sound calls on foreign policy.

Bob Corker on the other hand, well, he is just stuck on stupid.