Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blogging For Corker Purpose Clear

Not that anyone takes the guys over at Blogging for Corker seriously, but I thought I would just throw a few stats out there to show everyone B4C's real purpose.

Out of their last 10 posts on their blog, they have had 9 posts attacking Congressman Ford. That is a whopping 90%.

Further, since their blog has been created, they have had around 64 posts attacking Congressman Ford out of their 108 totals posts. If you do the math, that is nearly 60% of their posts that have been dedicated to attacking Ford.

The Corker campaign's strategy in this election is obvious: steer clear of the real issues and attack.

However, the people are rejecting that strategy loud and clear. That is evident in the latest polling.

People are beginning to hear the truth about Bob Corker. They know he is tied to Big Oil. They know he used his office for personal profit. They know he won’t release his full tax returns. And they know he is clueless on all the major issues of the day.

Folks all across this state are ready for a new generation of leadership, not more of the same.

It is time for a change and Harold Ford Jr. is that change!