Friday, August 11, 2006

Blogger Says Ford Has Right Plan For Iraq; Corker Says Iraq Not An Issue

While Bob Corker is busy dodging questions about his character (or lack thereof) and issuing attacks on Congressman Ford, Congressman Ford is actually doing what a U.S. Senate candidate is supposed to do: putting forth real ideas and real solutions to the most pressing issues that face our state and nation.

Kleinheider, the blogger on Volunteer Voters, recognizes that and commends Congressman Ford for his proposal on what to do in Iraq:

Harold Ford has a plan for Iraq and it's a good one:

He believes the U.S. should consider dividing Iraq into three separate states by its sectarian divisions: the Kurdish population to the north, and splitting Shiite and Sunni Muslims to the south.

My goodness. A major party candidate in my state who has actually endorsed a plan that I have been begging for forever -- and its Harold Ford, Jr.

This plan is the only way to conclude this conflict with honor. Saddam Hussein was a murderous tyrant but the chaos and sectarian violence that has resulted from his removal could turn out to leave Iraq and its people in worse shape in the long run.

Iraq is not a nation. Its borders were drawn by the British empire and enforced by authoritarian leader after authoritarian leader.

There are three true nations or peoples in Iraq -- Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis. If we truly want to bring freedom to Iraq we would free them from the arbitrary borders drawn up for them by an imperial power.

Self-determination, not an ideal like "democracy", that is the true freedom. Democracy will never work in Iraq as presently constructed. Iraq as has neither the culture, the history, nor the demography to support democracy.

These three nations if allowed to exist would not be ready either but they would at least have a cohesive population, a self-determined population, ready to move towards that goal.

If we did this, if we partitioned the country and enforced the borders for long enough for the the three states to form governments and raise armies, that would be victory.

Would it be a recipe for subsequent a border war? Maybe.

But it will happen anyway. These three groups will not co-exist within a state. There will be power struggles and violence. At least if we give these nations countries of their own there is a chance, a chance, for peace.

It is our only chance. We must partition, enforce, and then withdraw.

Harold Ford sees this and he is to be commended.

Well said, well said.

Does anyone know Bob Corker's position on Iraq? Anyone? Oh yes, I do! He doesn't have one! He says it is not an issue. No, seriously, he did say that:

"You really don't hear so much about the war in Iraq — it's actually surprising," said Corker. "You all (in the media) are asking about that issue. It's just not an issue that comes up a great deal on the campaign trail."

There you have it folks. Bob Corker, the Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate here in Tennessee, is on record of saying that he doesn't even think Iraq is an issue. No wonder the guy doesn't have a plan. It is kind of hard to have a plan or any proposals when you won't even give the issue any consideration.

This once again shows how out of touch Bob Corker really is. Everyone and their brother knows that Iraq is an issue--a huge issue.

As Congressman Ford put it:

"The war in Iraq has cost $400 billion, we've lost 2,500 soldiers." "I don't know what world my Republican opponents are living in if they don't believe the war in Iraq is an important issue to people across this state."

Congressman Ford understands the meaning of real leadership. He understands that it is the job of a U.S. Senator to confront the big issues that we face with big thinking and big ideas.

We can tell that by the way he carries himself in this campaign.

Lets elect a U.S. Senator who is not afraid to tackle the tough issues of our time. It is time for a change. It is time for a new generation of real leadership.

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