Thursday, July 20, 2006

"You Sleep With A Dog, You're Gonna Get Fleas."

It appears that some level headed Republicans get it.

In light of Christian Coalition poster boy Ralph Reed losing the number 2 spot in Georgia yesterday, arguably because of his close ties with Jack Abramoff, some Republicans are actually getting the picture.

Below are some sensible comments I found regarding the matter on the Free Republic message board:

  • "I've always liked Ralph Reed but, you sleep with a dog, you're gonna get fleas."

  • "Yup. Dirty players shouldn't be surprised when they lose. I'm disappointed that a man of God like Ralph acted so unethically."

  • "Hopefully he will just slink away but somehow I don't think somebody with his ego can."

Maybe this race will serve as a wake up call to John Boehner and all of the other Republicans who think corruption and ethics is a joke.

Just like the one poster said, when you sleep with a dog, you are going to get fleas. The problem with the Republican, it appears that nearly all of them have been in the dog house!