Thursday, July 20, 2006

President Vetoes Stem Cell Bill; Corker, Hilleary, Bryant Support Denying Hope For Millions

George W. Bush has finally vetoed his first bill since being President.

No, it was not a spending bill or anything needful like that. It was the stem cell bill which passed through the Senate only a couple days ago.

Yep, the President uses his veto in 5 + years to take away hope and promise from millions, including my mother and sister, who suffer from chronic and debilitating diseases. How moral!?! Just more of that compassionate conservatism conservatism shining through.

And to no surprise, Bob Corker, Van Hilleary, and Ed Bryant were giddy as school girls at the news of the veto:

Corker: "I strongly support the utilization of adult stem cells for medical research but do not support federal funding that involves the destruction of a human embryo." "I believe President Bush is making the right decision by vetoing the legislation that recently passed the Senate."

Hilleary: "However, as Tennessee's next U.S. senator, I will only support scientific research and federal funding for the types of stem-cell research that preserve life and do not destroy human embryos."

Hilleary said he joins Bush in supporting funding for stem-cell research on cells obtained from cordal blood and placentas because they "offer enormous promise in treating some of our most heart-breaking diseases while protecting life."

Bryant: "I fully support President Bush's veto today of a bill that would use taxpayer dollars to encourage the present and future destruction of human embryos." "The president's veto is a necessary step to ensure that medical research reflects our values and honors the sanctity of human life."

Harold Ford Jr. was once again the voice of reason on this issue:

"In reality, the axis is not left or right but is the future versus the past. Stem-cell research is about progress and making the future healthier and safer. The expansion of research using stem cells could save lives through the development of new treatments for cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, Alzheimer's and spinal cord injuries."

Folks, this veto just goes to show you what happens when we elect leaders who pander to an extreme ideology and reject fact and reason.

That is why we must do all we can to elect Harold Ford Jr. to the U.S. Senate this fall.

We know he lives in the reality based world and will vote for what is right; not what pleases 2% of the electorate or what pacifies the extreme right wing.

Give my mother, sister, and millions other hope this fall!

Vote for common sense, hope, and real leadership this November. Vote Ford!