Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Real Story--Lavish Corker

I thought Bob Corker and his advisers/supporters would be smarter than this.

It seems they still think that trying to depict Congressman Ford as having some type of "fancy" lifestyle, will score points politically for them.

However, it seems that they are forgetting that it is their candidate, Bob Corker, who just dropped nearly $2 million in his own campaign warchest!

$2 million! Who has that kind of money to just shell out? Not many folks? No one I know.

I hate to burst their bubble, but if you donate $2 million from your own pocket to your own campaign funds, you ain't no commoner. Or in a Jeff Foxworthy kind of way of saying things, you might be fancy if you donate your own political campaign a couple million.

We knew you were rich Bob, but you didn't have to get all fancy and try to buy the election! Geez!