Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Grassroots Love For Ford

Wow! The love from the grassroots and the netroots continue to shine through for Congressman Ford and his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Below is a post that I found on a blog called LieberDem, that praises Congressman Ford and his moderate appeal:

I made a post earlier this week on Harold Ford, and wanted to make one more pitch for him before I introduce a second Dem candidate who is trying to take back a GOP seat.

President Clinton just announced that he will be coming to town on August 4 to campaign for Ford, whose "moderate record and his appeal across racial boundaries" make him one of the Democrats' best chances to pick up a Senate seat in the South. In fact, this is probably the best chance for Democrats will have a shot at taking over a Senate seat in the South for the rest of the decade. Ford is eloquent, charismatic, and refreshingly candid for someone who has been serving his state in Congress for ten years. He doesn't beat around the bush (pun intended) about the serious problems facing our country, and he doesn't shy away from Republican attacks. He is precisely the kind of Senator his state and this country needs.

As I said in my initial post on Ford, no African-American has ever been elected to the Senate since Reconstruction. Helping make Ford the first popularly elected African-American Senator from the old Confederacy would further prove that Democrats are the party of inclusion, even in the face of already-active Republican attempts to smear Congressman Ford.

Let's help Ford take back the seat that was once held by Jim Sasser and Al Gore Sr.!

Can I get an amen!?!