Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Republican Congressman In Hot Water

It looks as though yet another Republican Congressman is in hot water for ethics violations.

Rep. Jerry Lewis of California is under scrutiny, for his ties with his association to lobbyist Bill Lowery. Reports show that Lewis has already spent $200,000 on his defense team:

California Congressman Jerry Lewis, head of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, reports spending 200-thousand dollars on lawyers last month. They were paid with campaign funds.

The 14-term Republican is under investigation over his ties to lobbyist Bill Lowery, and retained a major law firm in early June. A Lewis spokeswoman says the House Ethics Committee has said it's a proper use of campaign funds.Lewis' legal team includes former Solicitor General Ted Olson -- and former U-S Attorney for Los Angeles Robert Bonner, who also once headed Customs and Border Protection.

Federal prosecutors are focusing on the lobbyist's clients, who've gotten tens of (m) millions of dollars in the spending bills Lewis' committee approves. Lowery and his associates have been top donors to Lewis' campaigns.

How many more Congressman are going to have to be indicted or put in prision for John Boehner and company to realize they have a problem?

Get a clue guys--you are the problem; fix yourselves!