Monday, June 26, 2006

Pat Nolen Talks About Republicans' Desperation

Pat Nolen, political commentator for News Channel 5 in Nashville has hit the nail on the head with his latest analysis of the U.S. Senate race here in Tennessee.

Nolen writes on the Republicans constant attacks on Congressman Ford and points out their hypocrisy in calling Ford an out of touch liberal.

Very good read for everyone, especially for those Republicans who continue to lie about Ford:

They’re missing the point.

While the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate continue to squabble among themselves about who is the strongest person to oppose Democrat Harold Ford, Jr. this fall, maybe they should be asking themselves why Ford is so very competitive with all them in the most recent head on head polling match ups (Zogby).

Isn’t Tennessee supposed to be a Red state in its national politics?

Isn’t Harold Ford supposed to be a liberal who’s out of touch with Tennessee values? So why does he continue to run dead even with all the GOP candidates in the race?

Candidate Ed Bryant says maybe it’s because the Republican candidates are too busy attacking each other. While Ford is a strong opponent, he thinks once the GOP unites behind a candidate and focuses the public’s attention on Ford’s overall record it will be a different story.

Maybe. But what about the poor turnout we are seeing across the country in GOP primaries? Is the base turned off? Angry? Will they come to the polls in November? Already there are warning signs when the Tennessee Right to Life says it won’t support the Republicans if Bob Corker is the party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate (and right now he is leading all the polls).

We hope to interview all the major Senatorial candidates between now and the August primary election on my INSIDE POLITICS show on NewsChannel 5 Plus Comcast Channel 50. Ed Bryant is our first guest this week. Watch the show (June 23-25) at 7:30 PM Friday, 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM Saturday and Sunday at 5;00 AM, 12:30 PM and 7:00 PM).

Meantime a fight is brewing about which candidate has the best grassroots organization to identify and get out its vote as the early voting period looms on the horizon (begins July 13). In an appeal for campaign funds to buy TV and radio ads, Van Hilleary’s campaign says grassroots alone will not be enough. Ed Bryant is confident with the endorsements of key pro-life and home school organizations he will have an edge in the primary. Not to be outdone, Bob Corker has announced his grassroots efforts have already taken his message to 32,000 homes and counting. His campaign news release also says Corker has put 96,000 miles on his vehicle to take his campaign to voters across Tennessee. Wow! Is Bob really driving? Is it really his car (not one leased to the campaign)? And most importantly, is he taking a mileage compensation from the campaign? LOL

One place I’ll bet Corker will be on June 28 is yet another Nashville fund raiser (he never stops). This time it’s a cookout at the home of GOP activists Fran and Scooter Clippard. Let’s hope for those attending it doesn’t feel like it 100 degrees plus outside that day.

But who knows maybe if you make the right size donation, you get to go inside where it’s cool. Just kidding

But candidates are obviously pulling out all the stops. Van Hilleary celebrated his 47TH birthday recently by asking supporters to make donations in multiples of $47 (up to the legal limit of course). Hmm… this may be one time a candidate wishes he was just a few years older.