Monday, June 26, 2006

Op-Ed: Time For A Change

The more Congressman Harold Ford Jr. travels around the state preaching his uplifting vision for our state and nation, the more support he gains.

With each passing month, I have noticed that the Congressman's grassroots support has really took off.

People are standing proudly for Ford and what he stands for.

That is demonstrated on the following op-ed which praises Ford for his new generation of leadership:

I just finished reading your article regarding the Republican candidates’ debate Wednesday (“Under the gun, Corker tries to fire back on taxes,” p. 3, June 22). I just shook my head in disgust.

Perhaps you omitted the section where they debated the issues affecting the lives of all Tennesseans on a daily basis.

We, the citizens of this great state, deserve better. Enough already. Question: Does their opinion on abortion really matter to you when it is time to pay your child’s college tuition?Does it help you to put food on the table in order to feed your family?

Does it matter when they ring up your total at the pharmacy? Does it matter when your job is shipped over seas? Does it matter when, even though you work every single workday that the good lord allows you to rise, you are still barely able to make ends meet?

I am a grown women. It is up to me and my husband to teach our children right from wrong, and I thank God for that.

These gentlemen reminded me of little children pointing their fingers at each other, when in fact they are all guilty. What are they guilty of, you might ask? Impersonating candidates by virtue of smoke and mirrors, in my opinion.

They are attempting to hoodwink the good people of Tennessee, yet again. This time, my eyes are wide open, and I sincerely hope that everyone else’s are as well.

I am only hearing about the “real” issues impacting not only my life, but the lives of ALL Tennesseans, from one candidate — Congressman Harold Ford

We have allowed the Republican Party to play divisive politics for way too long. The needle is broken, and the record is scratched. It is time for a “new” tune from a “new” artist who is reaching out to the young and the old, the powerful and the powerless, the needy and the needed.

Every once in a while, I agree with the Republican point of view on the issues; most often, I agree with the Democrats; and then there are times when I feel they are both wrong. That is why I am voting for Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

Congressman Ford’s willingness to work together with the opposing party is one of the key reasons why he has my support. Congressman Ford’s has built a platform based upon the collective best interest of all Tennesseans.

Regardless of whom we voted for during the last election, it is OK to have differing opinions. We are all still Tennesseans, and Americans. In my America, there is room at the table for us all.

I want representation that does not condemn me as a conservative or a liberal or an independent. I want someone intelligent enough to realize that regardless of where I stand on an issue, I am still an American citizen, and I deserve to be respected as such. Have they never heard the words “united we stand, divided, we fall”?

I laid awake for months while one of my two sons was off fighting in a war. If my child had died, I would have accepted that flag with honor. He was deployed after 911, and I know that his wife would have gladly given that flag to me.

Now I sometimes weep for the mothers who have lost their children during this engagement.

Because so many lies have been told, I no longer know what to believe. It is time for a change, it is a new day.

Congressman Ford really does represent a “new” generation of leadership. I am proud to be a parent of that generation. I believe in them, and I believe in Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

Brenda Autry