Thursday, June 08, 2006

California Congressional Race Bodes Well For Democrats In 2006

Tuesday's Congressional election in California that saw Democratic candidate Francine Busby come within four points of victory in a heavily Republican district shows the discontent voters have with Republicans in 2006.

Busby, who ran to replace disgraced Republican Duke Cunningham, was by far not the best candidate out there, but the people's disgust over the Republican's culture of corruption nearly propelled her to victory. And maybe if not for a an offhanded comment last week, she would have won.

In any case, the result of this race should be a wakeup call to all Republicans. The people have spoken and they have said they are fed up with the do nothing leadership of John Boehner and the Republicans. They want ethics reform and change in general.

Charlie Cook has already called Harold Ford Jr. the Democrats' best recruit of the 2006 cycle, so with that being said along with the fact that Busby nearly pulled out a victory in the heavily conservative 50th district in California, things are looking good for the Ford campaign.

We need change and that is exactly what Harold Ford Jr. represents.