Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Republicans Too Busy Talking About Straw Polls To Address Tennesseans' Real Concerns

As of 3:40 CST, Blogging for Bryant's last 5 of 6 posts have been about straw polls.

I have been pointing out for sometime now that the Republicans would rather talk about meaningless issues instead of the issues that really face Tennesseans, and this just backs up that assertion.

Instead of addressing high gas prices, energy independence, the war in Iraq, balancing the budget or ethics reform, the Republicans want to talk about things irrelveant to the people of Tennessee like straw polls.

Harold Ford Jr. is truly the only candidate in this race acting like a real U.S. Senate candidate in talking about real issues and real solutions.

Tennesseans deserve a U.S. Senator who will worry and fight for their interests, not someone who will just maintain the Frist-quo.

We deserve better. We deserve Harold Ford Jr!