Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reason 7,348 Not To Vote For Van Hilleary: He Would Lower The Minimum Wage

In a day and age where more Tennesseans and more Americans are struggling than ever before, U.S. Senate candidate Van Hilleary supports lowering the minimum wage, instead of increasing it.

Recently, there have been efforts in both the State Assembly and the U.S. Congress to raise the minimum wage, however, both efforts have been defeated by Republicans.

If Van Hilleary had his way, he would not only not vote for a raise, he would vote to decrease the minimum wage.

Don't believe me?

Below is an excerpt from the Chattanooga Free Times Press back in 2002 that explains it all:

“In the survey, the National Federation of Independent Business asked candidates: "Should state laws allow enactment of local or state minimum wages that are higher than the federal standards?"

Rep. Hilleary replied: "No. I have supported legislation in Congress to allow states more flexibility in lowering the minimum wage, not increasing it."
-- Chattanooga Times Free Press, 09/04/02

So there you have it. Van is bragging that while in Congress he voted for legislation that would allow states to LOWER their minimum wage, instead of raising it.

Tennessee's next U.S. Senator needs to be someone who has care and compassion and who will support lifting people up in life, not tearing them down.

Working Tennesseans cannot afford Van Hilleary to be elected this November!

On The Other Hand: Harold Ford Jr. Voted YES on the last minimum wage increase to come before Congress. The proposed amendment would increase the minimum wage by $1 over a two-year period. Amdt to HR 3846, 03/09/00