Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Editorial: "We Are Living In A Time Of Republican Scandal"

I think the following excerpts from this very good editorial hit the nail right on the head regarding the ethics crisis our government is facing right now:

"One Republican congressman from California, Duke Cunningham, has admitted taking millions of dollars in bribes from defense lobbyists. Now many of Cunningham’s fellow California Republicans are said to be under the same influence-peddling microscope.

Did we mention that the lobbyists in question are rumored to have been enticing favorable congressional votes with the use of prostitutes?

And what about convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cynical use of the Religious Right to protect the interests of Indian casinos? We can’t forget Abramoff’s pal Tom DeLay, who is facing a trial in Texas and is the subject of great speculation in a federal investigation. Nor can we ignore the start of a trial this week that will determine the fate of former White House budget official David H. Safavian, an Abramoff crony charged with lying to prosecutors.

In Washington, power resides in the hands of Republicans. The evidence is growing by the day that many in the party’s leadership took advantage of their highly placed offices in illegal and unethical ways.

Yet, many in the Beltway media’s talking-head clique are afraid to call it like it is. They want, for example, to make Abramoff appear to be an equal-opportunity spreader of filthy lucre. It just ain’t so. Abramoff’s Indian casino clients may have given token amounts to Democrats, but the bulk went to Republicans. As for Abramoff’s personal giving, no one has yet to find a dime given to a Democrat.

Like it or not, beyond the alleged sins of one Louisiana Democrat, we are living in a time of Republican scandal."

Everyone except John Boehner and the Republicans can see that we are living in a Republican Culture of Corruption.

People are crying out for reform, but it doesn't appear to affect Boehner and company.

Lets see how they react when they lose both houses of Congress this fall.

Think that will change their tune? Doubt it.