Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Congressman Ford!

Hey guys, today is Congressman Ford's 36th birthday!

I hope you all will join me in wishing our next U.S. Senator a very happy birthday today! (If you want, please post your birthday wishes to the Congressman here)

Each and everyday, Congressman Ford fights for a better tommorrow for all of us, so lets all make sure we show the him how much we appreciate all he does!

He deserves it! He really is one of a kind!

Happy birthday Congressman!

127 Days

Days of Congressional Inaction on Ethics

Above is the number of days that have passed since Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to bribing Congressman.

It is also the number of days in which Congress has failed to pass an ethics reform bill that would limit private travel, ski and golf junkets, and would call for a full disclosure of expenses by lobbyists on members of Congress.

It is time for Congress to step up and pass an ethics reform bill that would do all of the above. In addition, it is time to end the pork barrel spending system as we know it and establish an independent ethics commission that would review ethics complaints against members of Congress.

I am proud Congressman Harold Ford Jr. is fighting for that reform!

Read Congressman Ford's call for reform of the House rules here!