Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Media Alert: Congressman Harold Ford Jr. To Appear On Imus In The Morning Tuesday

Hey guys, I have recieved word that Congressman Ford will be a guest on MSNBC's Imus in the Morning program on Tuesday.

The info is as follows:

"At 6:29am eastern we're going to talk with I-Fave Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) TN. We'll see how his race for the U.S. Senate is going and whether or not his campaign is taking full advantage of a scandal plagued GOP. We also want to hear what Congressman Ford has to say about the debate over immigration. Are there any viable suggestions on how to deal with the more than 11-million illegal immigrants already in this country? Meanwhile, everyone seems to have thoughts on how we should proceed in Iraq. Is it time to get out or stay the course? And, with the midterm elections coming up rapidly, can the democrats cash in on an unpopular war and sagging poll numbers for the President to take back control of congress?"

So be sure to tune in bright and early tomorrow at 5:29 AM CST to hear our next U.S. Senator talk about the issues of the day!