Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Instapundit Interview With Congressman Ford

Below is a blog entry by Instapundit who caught up with Congressman Ford on his kickoff tour:

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. is running for Senate in Tennessee, and his bus tour took him right past our house. He stopped by for a rare in-studio interview (since we usually do these by phone), and talked about Iraq, Iran, alternative energy, ANWR drilling and nuclear power, gun rights, immigration (he supports the Sensenbrenner bill, and explains why), health care, and more. Including, of course, PorkBusters.

I found it a very interesting interview. We're not on the same page on some issues (I think he's overoptimistic, to put it mildly, about the amount of cooperation we can expect from Russia and China on Iran), but we agree on some others (including the pork). He's a smart guy, and I found him less polished-and-packaged than I'd anticipated; it's easy to see why people expect him to have a big future in politics.

Helen liked the bus, and we sent Rep. Ford off with some
reading material to help him pass the hours on the road.

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