Friday, April 14, 2006

Crazy Van Once Again Lying About Harold Ford Jr.

This past week, Van Hilleary flew around the state in his fancy private jet spreading more lies about Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

This time the failed 2002 gubernatorial candidate falsley attacked Congressman Ford by insinuating that Ford was tied to the Hollywood left's culture.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Mr. Hilleary also blasted what he called the "Hollywood left" and said U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., who is running in the Democratic primary, is tied to that culture."

Van's lies have no basis whatsoever. The record shows Harold Ford Jr. has the same core values as every other citizen of this state.

That is illustrated below:

Would someone tied to this "Hollywood leftist culture" you talk about advocate for prayer in school?

  • Congressman Ford voted for the Children's Prayers Resolution, resolution expressing the sense of Congress that schools should allow children time to pray for, or silently reflect upon, the country during the war against terrorism -- H.Con.Res.239, 11/15/2001

  • Congressman Ford supported a resolution that expressed the sense of the House urging President Bush to designate a day of prayer, fasting and humility. It also urged individuals to observe the day and to seek guidance from God to understand their failings and to find resolve to confront the nation's challenges. -- H. Res. 153, 03/27/2003

  • Congressman Ford voted YES on amendment to declare that memorials or memorial services on public school campuses to honor the memory of a person slain on that campus may contain religious speech without violating the Constitution. -- Amendment to H.R.1501

  • Congressman Ford supported the Religious Freedom Constitutional Amendment, a proposed Constitutional amendment that would have guaranteed rights to religious expression on public property, including schools. -- H.J. Res. 78, 06/04/1998

Moreover, would someone tied to this "Hollywood leftist culture" believe that the Ten Commandments have the right to be posted?

  • "Ford backs a nonbinding resolution supporting an Alabama judge who refused a court order to remove the Ten Commandments from the wall of his courtroom...[as the] House on Wednesday approved, 295-125, a nonbinding resolution supporting an Alabama judge who refused a court order to remove the Ten Commandments from the wall of his courtroom." -- Memphis Commercial Appeal, 3/9/97

  • Congressman Ford voted in support of a motion to suspend the rules and adopt the concurrent resolution to express the sense of Congress that the public display of the Ten Commandments in government buildings should be permitted. -- H.C.R. 31, 03/05/97

  • Congressman Ford backed an amendment declaring that states and municipalities could display the Ten Commandments on or within property owned or administered by the state or municipality. -- Amendment to H.R. 1501, 06/17/99

Harold Ford Jr. Is A Strong Proponent Of Keeping The Phrase "Under God"

  • Congressman Ford supported a bill that exercises the power of Congress in Article III, Section II of the Constitution to prohibit the Supreme Court and other federal courts from ruling the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional. -- H.R. 2808, 09/23/04

  • Congressman Ford backed a resolution that would express the sense of the House that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals erred in holding in Newdow v. U.S. Congress that having the Pledge of Allegiance read in public schools is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion because of the words “one nation, under God.” The resolution also supported the current wording of the pledge and urged the court to reverse its decision in the case. -- H.R.S. 459, 6/27/02

  • Congressman Ford voted in support of a bill that would reaffirm the Pledge of Allegiance and the reference to “one nation under God” as well as the national motto of “In God We Trust” -- S. 2690, 10/8/02

And would someone in tight with this "Hollywood leftist culture" co-chair the Faith Based Intiative caucaus and work so hard to advance faith-based causes?

  • "In June, a bipartisan group chose Ford to chair a newly created Faith-Based Initiative Caucus aimed at aiding community and church groups in dealing more effectively in overcoming obstacles placed in their way by the unintended consequences of federal regulations." -- Memphis Commercial Appeal, 3/15/04

  • And in February of 2005, Governor Phil Bredesen and Congressman Harold Ford held a forum with area clergy in Memphis to discuss how the faith community and government can work together to solve the problems facing the state and nation. -- Date of Forum, 02/01/05

  • "During a U.S. Senate campaign stop here Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Tenn., praised the faith-based services of Chattanooga's Inner-City Ministries. Rep. Ford said he values the separation of church and state but believes in supporting organizations that improve communities." -- Chattanooga Times Free Press, 02/08/05

Once again Van Hilleary has been proven a liar.

Clearly, Congressman Ford has same values as any other Tennessean despite what Van Hilleary may say.

Van is an embarrassment to all Tennesseans; Democrat and Republican alike.