Friday, April 07, 2006

Boehner The Comedian

I find the following comments from GOP House Majority Leader John Boehner hilarious and just down right deceitful:

House majority leader John Boehner, who succeeded DeLay as majority leader, said Republicans are responding to recent scandals in Washington. ''We will take steps necessary to plug those areas where problems have erupted," said Boehner, an Ohio Republican, adding that ethics reform will be merely the first of many initiatives this spring, including a new fiscally responsible budget plan.

First, Boehner says the Republicans are going to take steps necessary on ethics reform? Yeah right! The Republicans in Congress have had months now to try to come up with a viable ethics reform bill and have nothing on the table. This is in spite of one Republican scandal after another. To act like ethics reform is a top priority to him and his party, is just deceitful and Boehner knows it. In fact, they have done everything they can to put the issue on the backburner.

Secondly, Boehner says they are going to "plug" problem areas to address the entire ethics situation. Is Boehner really that ignorant? It is going to take real substantive ethics reform to change the culture of corruption that the Republicans that have spawned in Washington. To think just a few little changes will fix this monster of a problem is just silly.

Finally, Boehner tries to suggest that the Republicans are fiscally responsible? Okay, this really boils my blood. These are the same guys that just raised the debt ceiling to a record $9 trillion and have ran up deficits that generations to come will be paying off. These are also the same guys who turned a record budget surplus into a record deficit within just a matter of a few years. If anyone knows about being fiscally responsible it is Congressman Ford as he has never voted for a budget that was not balanced. However, the same can't be said for the Republicans. They have no leg to stand on when it comes to fiscal sanity.

These guys become more of a joke with each passing day.

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