Saturday, December 03, 2005

Van Hilleary's Double Standard

While Van Hilleary continues to spew desperate attacks and lies against Congressman Harold Ford Jr., Van himself still has several serious questions to answer.

First, why would someone who is opposed to gambling accept money from two Indian tribal casinos, which are connected to Jack Abramoff?

Is that not a big double standard?

Another question remains where did the money he received form the tribal casinos go? Van, nor his campaign team can account for the donations. Apparently the donations supposedly went to a PAC that does not even exist!

Van should issue a full disclosure of the money in question.

Finally, what did Van Hilleary do in favor for the money he received from the tribes? While in Congress did Van ever help them in any way? Did he meet with the tribes or Jack Abramoff ever to talk about legislation pending in Congress that could benefit the tribes or Abramoff?

All these questions are serious and must be answered, fully and truthfully.

Instead of continuing to attack and lie about Congressman Ford, Van should take a hard look at himself in the mirror.