Saturday, December 03, 2005

Van Hilleary Continues His Desperation Act

Has Van Hilleary really gotten this bitter?

In today's Kingsport Times, Van Hilleary continues his acts of desperation by attacking Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and lying about his record.

Just as he did last week on the Steve Gill show, Van is trying to show conservatives that he can stand up to the front runner in this race, Harold Ford Jr., all the while trying to win back much needed support.

However, attacking and lying about Harold Ford appeals to no one.

I think Ford campaign manager Jim Hester summed it up very well:

"He lost to Governor Bredesen because he lied, and now he is lying about Congressman Harold Ford," Hester said. "The reason that Van is lying is that he has no ideas or agenda for the future of Tennessee. Voters rejected his lies when he lost for governor, and they will reject his lies again in the Senate race. Ford is a blue dog Democrat. He supports a balanced budget, tax relief for middle-class families, and tax relief for U.S. businesses creating jobs in America and for kids trying to pay for college.

"Van supports tax cuts for millionaires. Congressman Ford does not."

It is not hard understand why Van continues to unleash these desperate attacks day after day on Congressman Ford.

As Jim Hester said, he has no vision or ideas to put forth in this race. Another contributing factor for this desperate behavior is because Van currently is experiencing the worst month by far of any the U.S. Senate candidates, and it continues to get worse.

First, as you may recall, Van lost out on the much covenanted conservative Tennessee Right to Life endorsement to Ed Bryant. Van was also involved in a very serious ethical scandal, which still several unanswered questions.

And rumor has it that Van is doing poorly in this quarter of fundraising.

With the slow traction of his campaign and the continued inept actions he has taken, Van's fellow conservatives are starting to starting to hit him hard . Some have even went as far as to call on him to drop out of the U.S. Senate race.

It seems as though Van just can't buy a break and it has turned him very bitter.

However, that does not excuse his continued package of desperate attacks and lies about Congressman Harold Ford Jr.

The people of Tennessee deserve someone better than Van Hilleary to be their next U.S. Senator.