Thursday, October 06, 2005

Experts Agree Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Puts Tennessee On The Map In 2006

The verdict is in and it is official: Congressman Harold Ford Jr. is gaining momentum everyday in his bid to become our next U.S. Senator. It seems people everywhere now days are singing the praises of Congressman Ford.

Whether it be from talk show hosts like Larry Kudlow or Republican colleagues such as Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the message is crystal clear: Harold Ford Jr. is a real winner and a real leader.

Even today's Hill Newspaper validates that assertion when it says, "Tennessee, which has twice backed President Bush, is giving some Republicans heartburn, with the GOP Senate contenders attacking their opponents’ conservative credentials while Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) outfundraises his Republican rivals and aggressively canvasses the state."

While his Republican opponents sit back and bicker amongst themselves, Congressman Ford is seeking real solutions to real problems and people are beginning to take notice.

Here are just a few more words of praise about Congressman Ford from around the political spectrum:
  • Cook Political Report ranks TN US Senate race a "toss-up": TN US Senate race is ranked a "toss-up" by the widely respected Charlie Cook Political Report. 09/15/05
  • Ford’s message plays well among a wide range of voters: “Ford's young, handsome, well-spoken and can get a crowd going. He's carefully positioned himself as a moderate Democrat, skilled at pitching a conservative-leaning message many think could play well among a range of voters… He's also spoken out strongly in support of the military's effort in Iraq, and sided with "Blue Dog" Democrats on reducing the federal deficit.” AP, 06/12/05
  • Moderate record and demonstrated ability to appeal to votes across racial lines: “Ford, who is black, has compiled a moderate record and demonstrated an ability to appeal to votes across racial lines -- the latter of which will be key in a state whose population is less than 17 percent black.” National Journal’s Congress Daily, 08/05/05
  • Conservative on-line publication says the Tennessee U.S. Senate seat is “very real risk of Republican loss” , “And thus, a Senate seat that should be safely red has now become an absolute toss-up, with a very real risk of Republican loss.”, 08/31/05
  • Right-of-center Democrat able to generate considerable national attention and support: “Ford is a right-of-center Democrat who will generate considerable national attention and support. The American Spectator Online, 07/15/05
  • “Harold Ford Junior, a congressman from Memphis regarded as one of the Democrats' few bright hopes in the South" The Economist, 06/04/05
  • Non-partisan Congressional Quarterly publication points out that Congressman Ford is a “pro-business” centrist who is working to move his party toward the center: “But in his ideas and voting record, Ford is much more clearly revealed to be a centrist. He is one of the few black members of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of his party’s most fiscally conservative members, and also the pro-business New Democrat Coalition. He cast himself as a moderate alternative to California’s Nancy Pelosi when he ran for House minority leader in 2002, and has made it clear he would like his Senate campaign to be something of a referendum on pushing the party toward the center.” CQ Weekly, 08/15/05
Those words and statements speak for themselves. The underlying theme is the same in all of them: Harold Ford Jr. is a force to be reckoned with.

The people of Tennessee expect and deserve so much better leadership than that of Bill Frist, Ed Bryant, Van, Hilleary, and Bob Corker.

Congressman Ford is truly the only candidate in this race that cares about the issues and finding real solutions to the problems that face Tennessee and the nation the most. He has clearly demonstrated that he is committed to doing what is right for Tennessee and the country, no matter what the situation.

His leadership is unrivaled and his integrity is unsurpassed.

Simply put, he is someone Tennessee can be proud to call their Senator.

Please join the growing masses and help elect Harold Ford Jr. the next U.S. Senator from Tennessee!

Note: This post was moved up on Thursday morning.